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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a gentle, but effective, treatment that removes unwanted pigmentation and facial redness, while elevating your overall skin tone and texture. At Esther Chen MD in Los Gatos, California, Esther Chen, MD, and her skilled team use IPL treatments to help you get the skin you want. There’s no downtime at all, so use the online booking agent or call the office to schedule your IPL appointment now.

IPL & Laser Vein Reduction

What is IPL?

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a gentle, noninvasive treatment that uses a wide spectrum of light to improve your skin. It's a great treatment for unwanted pigmentation, skin redness, and skin texture issues. Both IPL and lasers use light, but lasers have one beam of concentrated light while IPL has a wider light span and varying wavelengths of light. 

How can IPL treatments improve my skin?

Intense pulsed light can improve your skin in several ways.


The most common type of unwanted pigmentation is age spots. The spots absorb the light, and the light becomes heat that shatters the pigment. Over time, the pigment flushes out of your system naturally. 

Skin redness 

IPL treatment can target skin redness and can help reduce the appearance of dilated blood vessels. But, if your main concern is spider veins or other prominent vascular lesions like those that happen with rosacea, laser vein reduction is your best bet. The laser targets individual veins, and when the veins absorb the light, the vein walls seal shut in response. You eliminate the withered vein tissue naturally in time.

Tone, texture, and tightness

IPL works within your dermis, the deeper skin layer where you produce collagen and elastin to start new growth. Your new collagen and elastin gradually rise to firm your skin, pushing healthy skin cells to the surface. This yields improved tone, texture, and tightness.

IPL is a leading choice for facial revitalization, and it’s also popular for other areas like the chest, arms, and legs. 

How do I prepare for IPL or laser treatment?

Dr. Chen generally recommends the following starting two weeks before your treatment.

  • Avoid sun exposure 
  • Don't use self-tanning products
  • Discontinue exfoliating products
  • Discontinue Retin-A products

Discuss your current medications with Dr. Chen before your first treatment. Certain antibiotics can cause photosensitivity, and you might need to temporarily discontinue or finish your course of them before treatment.

How do IPL and laser treatments feel?

Dr. Chen generally applies a topical numbing cream before your treatment, which keeps you comfortable. You might experience some mild snapping feelings, but most patients tolerate IPL and laser treatments quite well. 

After treatment, you feel like you have a mild sunburn for a couple of hours. There’s no downtime at all, but it’s important that you use sunscreen and follow all of Dr. Chen’s guidelines for ideal results. 

How many IPL or laser treatments do I need?

Most patients need four IPL treatments at the intervals recommended by Dr. Chen. A few maintenance treatments throughout the year can help you maintain the IPL results long term. 

For laser vein reduction, you can often see immediate results. If needed, Dr. Chen can repeat laser vein reduction treatments every six weeks until you achieve your ideal results. 

Want to learn how gentle IPL treatment can help with your skin problems? Call the office of Esther Chen MD or book online now.